Our primary goal is to become the trusted adviser for a client’s data science requirements and meet their unique needs. We enable customers achieve business value by drawing actionable insights critical to their business

With SeyVu our Customers can

Deliver Operational Gains

Grow Customer Loyalty

Grow Revenue

Build Brand

Design Better Products

Manage Risk

Guide Decisions

Anything is possible!

Advantages of our Business-Centric Approach


Better decision-making tools mean an increased ability to compete for your business. Profitability, as reported by SeyVu customers, often improves from teams fighting for small operational gains to 10X ROI or greater, depending on the project


SeyVu has proven its ability to grow customer loyalty, revenue, manage risk and design better products, enabling your employees to do their best work. All while helping you adhere to the golden standard of data security management


Gain immediate leverage of the expertise of an entire team with elastic supply of data scientists committed to seek out ways to add value to your organization via actionable insights


Choose Advanced Analytics Consulting Model that fits your business
  • 5
    We can now positively identify the market segments of two-thirds of our active leads—a 200% increase. That’s more than we were able to get from any other methodology, and SeyVu got us there way faster than we could have on our own.
    Senior Director of Corporate Marketing, Lattice Semiconductor
  • 5
    What set SeyVu apart from competing firms was their desire and ability to understand my business context. They spent significant face time early in the project to discover the problems I was facing and my desired technical and business outcomes
    Manager of Software Engineering and Data Science, The SHOP at VSP Global
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    SeyVu helped us see the big picture and understand the overall fan sentiment for each of our different business lines. They highlighted areas we might have missed during our review. Now, we can tell our fans what we'll be addressing during the off-season - and maybe, for some of them, that'll be the difference in whether or not they renew their tickets for next year
    President, Sacramento River Cats
  • 5
    SeyVu’s data scientists have demonstrated an incredible ability to apply the latest technology and data science to rapidly deliver real world value. Their biggest strength is in the application of data science: exceptional ability to hone in on a client’s business problem/opportunity.
    Co-Founder & CTO, Infiniti Consulting
  • 5
    SeyVu, with their deep analytics expertise, provided us with key actionable insights such as identifying characteristics of our high value customers. This enabled us to better target similar potential customers. They also highlighted potential issues with our data collection process, which was helpful as well.
    CEO, Grin